Privacy policy

1.0 General

This policy refers to this website,, and to The Marching Hen Facebook page and The Marching Hen Redbubble shop: The Marching Hen is a trading name of Steve Butler. These websites and pages are hereinafter referred to as 'the sites'.

The Marching Hen pages are run on the Facebook and Redbubble platforms and you should refer to Facebook's and Redbubble's privacy policies for details of how those platforms use your data. The site is run on the Google Sites platform and you should refer to Google's privacy policy for details of how that platform uses your data.

The remainder of this privacy statement covers data that may be collected or processed by Steve Butler (The Marching Hen) but excludes data processing and collection undertaken by Facebook, Redbubble and Google, which is addressed by their aforementioned privacy policies.

This privacy policy may be updated from time to time for any reason. You are advised to consult this privacy policy regularly for any changes.

2.0 External links

The sites may include links or buttons to redirect you to third party sites. These are provided for your convenience. No responsibility is accepted for the content of the external sites or the products and services offered. You should familiarise yourself with their individual privacy policies when visiting these sites.

3.0 Advertising

Advertising may be presented by the aforementioned platforms and is covered by the platforms' privacy policies.

4.0 Cookies

Cookies may be used by the aforementioned platforms and their use is covered by the platforms' privacy policies.

5.0 Personal data

Data may be collected and processed by the aforementioned platforms and their use of such data is covered by the platforms' privacy policies.

Note that the contact form on is powered by Google forms. Please refer to Google's privacy for details of how it handles your data.

Any personal data provided to Steve Butler (The Marching Hen) as part of a product purchase, or during contact by any means, such as email or social media, for example, may be retained for the legitimate interests of processing your enquiry, dispute resolution or legal defence. It will not be sold, used for marketing purposes, passed on to any third party, or used for any other purposes that would not be reasonably expected based upon the nature of the enquiry, transaction or subsequent communications unless required to do so by English law.